• Every coffee has a story to tell. It starts with the farmer, who translates wind and rain, soil and sun, into a sensational array of sugars and acidity, body and balance. And it continues from the crop to the cup, engaging and celebrating every actor in between. At Crop to Cup Coffee Importers, we complete the story by carrying it back to the farm in the form of pride and recognition, learning and improvement. And the cycle continues year after year, with the power to energize your menu, educate your staff and engage your customers.

    On this site you will find photos, facts and figures that you can use to enhance your own story of why you select a certain coffee. You can tell that story on your bag labels, your cup sleeves, your website, your newsletters, and - most importantly - in your daily conversation. It’s how you help keep the cycle of storytelling alive.

    Of course, some roasters need to be even more hands-on. If that's you, we are here to facilitate. Support a program in the local coffee community. Join us on a trip to origin. Or just send along messages from your customers. There are many ways to get involved – just let us know you’re interested. Email or call us, or use the simple form below.

    Tell us a story. Everyone in coffee has a story to tell too. This could be about the first coffee or coffeehouse that opened your eyes to what great coffee could be. Or, it could be the aha! experience that pushed you down the path where coffee is your life and livelihood.

    Share your “come to coffee” story with us!

    Crop to Cup Coffee Importers has a story too. Taylor Mork and Jake Elster met in Geneva, Switzerland, during studies around the United Nations community there. An NGO they founded took them to Uganda, where they eventually joined up with a nonprofit specialty exporter. One thing led to another, until Taylor and Jake founded Crop to Cup Coffee Importers with the intention to build meaningful connections between growers and consumers.

    Over the years we have found that the best way to source and sell great coffee is to invest in the people behind the beans. We start by handpicking the best growers – farmers who are engaged in the quality of their harvest. We then do our best to represent their hard work as we present their coffees to you. In between, we work hard to keep pure lots separate and traceable, to ensure integrity of supply from the farm to your door. On top of that, we build coalitions of stakeholders – both at home and at origin – bringing together people and organizations who assist communities to grow through coffee.

    We know who we work with, and we make sure that they put intentionality and care into every significant process from the berry to the boat. The success of this model has validated our view that … good coffee comes from good people.

  • Something to believe in. Coffee is just coffee until you have an opinion about it. Like most people in coffee, every member of the Crop to Cup team has an opinion too. But beneath the assorted perspectives, there are a few beliefs that we all hold in common. For example:

    We believe:

    • That every coffee has a story to tell.
    • That roasters are chefs, coffee their ingredient.
    • That truth and transparency are the right tools to tell compelling stories.
    • That farmers can be their own best advocates for themselves and for their coffees.
    • That farmers yearn for trade and personal connections, and we can respond by being the best customer we can possibly be.
    • That coffee is a relationship business, and that relationships throughout the supply chain add value to those who roast, brew and enjoy coffee.
    • That being the best customer to farmers entails finding communities where we can make an impact with our purchases, buying as much of that community's coffee as we can market, transparently, with feedback, farm-gate premiums, and a commitment to being there for them year over year.



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