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About Crop to Cup®

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Crop to Cup is an importer, broker and wholesaler of green and roasted relationship coffees from unique sources. We provide the supply chain tools for our customers to connect with their coffee and its origins, and build successful and sustainable coffee programs. We work closely with each community from whom we source coffee, and we choose expert partners in the fields of agronomy, logistics and roasting. To us and our customers, coffee is so much more than a commodity.

Green Coffee
To roasters we offer spot and contract green coffees in volumes of a single bag all the way up to full containers. In addition to our offerings of fully traceable, specialty grade green offerings in-store, we offer sourcing and import services from around the world to help you access the flavor profile and price point you require. Our green coffee sourcing services are available globally, and we have green coffee staff based in New York, Chicago and Shanghai. For information about our green coffee services in China please click here.

Roasted Coffee
To restaurants, cafes, hotels, and more we offer wholesale relationship coffees, expert barista and supply chain training and limited equipment services. We currently roast locally in Chicago and New York, and we ship nationwide. Our Brooklyn, NY operation also features a public café including full espresso and pourover bar.


Crop to Cup Coffee was born out of its founders’ work in the nonprofit sector in Uganda and a desire by entrepreneurial coffee farmers to connect to markets of more reliable and more sustainable coffee buyers.

Our mission is to serve roasters, coffee brands, the food service industry and coffee lovers in their quest to enjoy high quality coffee from unique and sustainable origins at a fair price. All of our products, services and projects operate with quality, the environment and social equality as their driving forces.

With sustainable economic development in mind, we aim to bring high quality relationship coffees not only to the top-tier of the coffee industry, but to the entire coffee consuming community, where farmers can better access the long term relationships and scale to achieve true progress and lasting change.

Jake Elster and Taylor Mork founded Crop to Cup after studying economic development and social justice in the US and Europe and working as rural development coordinators and coffee exporters in Uganda. Crop to Cup began in 2007 simultaneously in New York and Chicago with one container of coffee from Eastern Uganda, and we have since expanded as importers of coffee from around the world and as distributors of roasted and green coffee throughout the US. In 2011 we launched our initiative to promote relationship coffees to roasters and importers in the China market.

Jake Elster
Co-Founder and CEO
Chicago, IL

Taylor Mork
Co-Founder and President
Brooklyn, NY

Dan Shafer
Director of Operations
Brooklyn, NY

Ben Heins
Director of Sales
Chicago, IL

We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at to get in touch!

Jake with a capp at Cafe Passmar in Mexico City, Mexico
Taylor with a large lemon in Guerrero, Mexico


Dan with a small dog in Iyula, Tanzania
Ben with an ass in Jimma, Ethiopia



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