• Uganda

    An Origin Story

    Crop to Cup's origin story began in Uganda in 2005;

    the company was founded to assist Ugandan farmers

    to improve their lives by making better coffee.

    Over the past decade Ugandan coffee has been on the rise;

    we are proud of our partners, and invite you to taste why.

  • Kenya

    the king of coffee

    Kenyan coffee shows what is possible

    Join us as we search the Central Highlands for the best cooperatives we can find

    so that we can bring you the best Kenyan coffee you can find.

    Beans fit for a king.

  • Ethiopia

    Okay Sparky, here's the deal

    There are roughly three ways to export coffee from Ethiopia. Most buy

    through the ECX auction - traceable to a region but varies year to year. You can

    source from a union - traceable to a smaller cooperative, but they sell out quickly

    at high premiums. Or purchase directly from private land-owners - diamond in the rough

    - this tactic is rare and risky, as finance and export duties require different skill-sets.

  • Indonesia

    Did you know?

    Bahasa was created only 40 years before it was adopted as the national

    language of Indonesia. In a country boasting 700+ native languages, this was

    enough time for a language less than a century old to develop an incredible array

    of accents. Expect the same from Indo's coffee crop as farmers break through the long

    tradition of bulking and blending, separate micro-lots, and express unique regional profiles.

  • Papua New Guinea
    Papua New Guinea

    Ditch those preconceptions

    If you look past the estates, PNG is a place where

    isolated smallholder farmers are connected through a

    professional network of entrepreneurial buyers and advanced washing stations.

    This leads to an incredible variety waiting to be tapped; Eastern vs Western

    Highlands? That's just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Tanzania

    More than a peaberry

    Longtime backup singer for more famous northern plantations, Tanzania's

    Southern Highlands are starting to get their share of the spotlight. Some serious high-altitude, smallholding farmers,

    spread across a broad network of under-utilized washing stations, makes some regions rich in new and promising talent.

    Scouts are out; let's head to Mbeya and hit the road from there.

  • Burundi

    Trigger Warning

    This is a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, face-melting, mind-blowing coffee. It is

    also slightly addictive and in short supply; older trees lead to increasingly common

    low harvests, which increases competition for the best of the best. In Burundi purchasing

    more than just the top lots, paying premiums for quality, and committing to year-over-year

    relationships, are the keys to consistently getting the best beans each and every harvest.

  • Mexico

    Estados Unidos de México

    Mexico is a collection of states, twelve of which grow coffee.

    In particular the Pacific Coast between Nyarit and Chiapas

    hides pockets of farmers eager to join the specialty coffee movement,

    but who are waiting for the right customers to make that make sense.

  • Guatemala

    Where coffee is kind of a big deal

    Guatemala brings you household names like ‘Antigua’, ‘San Marcos’, ‘Atitlan’, and ‘Huehuetenango’

    We are here to find out what they are doing right.

    Or more specifically, who. Who is at the forefront

    of making Guatemala the place you go to find the best.

  • Congo

    Don't believe me just watch

    Some day soon Congo will be known for it's coffee as well as it's rich resources of copper and cobalt.

    Specifically the eastern Kivu region is ripe for this change.

    Take a taste of what's to come.





Papua New Guinea






Current Offers

Indonesia Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Sumatra: Lintong Batak Nauli - NJ -

Papua New Guinea Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Papua New Guinea Kange Talu - NJ -

Papua New Guinea Chimbu Lufawa - NJ -

Ethiopia Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Ethiopia Yirg 1 Kochere Bajaj - NJ -

Uganda Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Uganda Bukonzo, WS Select (FTO) - NJ -

Uganda Bukonzo, Buthale & Burangwa WS (FTO) - NJ -

Uganda Kapchorwa Farmers Group - NJ -

Uganda Buginyanya Farmer Group - NJ -

Tanzania Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Tanzania Mwalyego AA - NJ -

Burundi Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Burundi Bukeye Buhorwa - NJ -

Burundi Kiryama Ruvubu - NJ -

Burundi Kinyovu Rango - NJ -

Burundi Bukeye Rubiziri - NJ -

Burundi Bukeye Rubiziri Select - NJ -

Burundi Bukeye Nyarucamo Select - NJ -

Kenya Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Kenya Wamuguma - NJ -

Congo Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Congo Buhoyo Mwise - NJ -

Congo Hutwe Bukununu - NJ -

Bargain Beans

Deep discounts on split bags from sampling
Bargain Beans Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Burundi Buhorwa Lot 1 - NJ -

Tanzania Mwalyego - NJ -

Mexico Canoas, Colima - NJ -

Upcoming Offers

Lot Name Lot Size Estimated Arrival Cupping Notes Wait List
Tanzania Mbeya Mwalyego 196 April Mellow body with mild lemon-lime acidity, cinnamon and peach tea Join waiting list
Tanzania Mbeya Mwalyego PB 31 April Zesty lime acidity, juicy body and simple-syrup sweetness Join waiting list
Tanzania Mbeya Kamaro AA 21 April Balances sweet green melon and vanilla; lingering aftertaste Join waiting list
Tanzania Kigoma PB 250 April Orange acidity, juicy body with nuts and tobacco Join waiting list
Uganda Specialty Drugar, Kika Cooperative 200 April Rustic natural with winey but balanced acidity, syrupy body Join waiting list
Uganda Specialty Robusta, Nakanyoni Estate 120 April Unique single-farm Robusta; clean prep, low salt and clear chocolate Join waiting list
Sumatra Aceh Wonosari 20 April A complex Gayo with notes of green tea over a defining sweetness Join waiting list
Sumatra Sidikalang Rasuna Honey 10 April Single-varietal honey-processed Sumtran; sweet plum and graham cracker Join waiting list
Sumatra Sidikalang Rasuna Semi-Washed 5 April Single-varietal semi-washed Sumtran; pineapple, pomegranate and celery Join waiting list
Uganda Kasese Bukonzo Organics 320 April Fully-washed FTO from Western Uganda with cookie sweetness and lively acidity Join waiting list
Ethiopia Agaro Kossa Geshe Natural 320 May Organic natural with gentle berry acidity and baking spices Join waiting list
Ethiopia Keffa Germa Eshetu Natural 150 May Organic natural with complex dark fruit and sweet tobacco Join waiting list
Ethiopia Keffa Germa Eshetu 140 May Organic washed Keffa with sweet peach, honey and black tea Join waiting list
Ethiopia Agaro Hunda Oli 320 June Buttery body, spicey chocolate and cherry / grapefruit cherry Join waiting list
Ethiopia Yirchacheffe Kochere Grade 1 200 June Classic, clean, rich and zesty Yrigchaffee profile, selected from the ECX Join waiting list
Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Grade 1 120 June Classic washed Sidamo with complex malt, currants, raisins and pepper Join waiting list

Find Your Coffee

Everytime you order coffee we send a survey to capture your cupping results. This allows us to give feedback to farmers, source more intentional coffees, and present these coffees using your words. Everyone likes something a bit different - we hope you use the following filters to find the coffee that is right for you.

lemonlimevanillachocolatemilk chocolatesweet cocoaorangeplumcaramelmeloncerealcocoamolassesgingerhoneyraisinscomplexblueberrytangerinesblack teatomatocorncardamomblackberrygreen pepperraisincolapassion fruitwiney Show more

Tools of the Trade

Here are a few items we've used to get the most out of our coffee. 
Click for our current list of  'Bag Ends' - discounted green beans out of our Showroom. 


Cupping & Extraction


Hobby & Home Roasters


Coffee Courses & Education

The Team

Over the years we have found that the best way to get great coffee is to invest in the people behind the beans.

That’s okay with us, because relationships are why we got into the coffee business in the first place.

If you are looking for easy access to good coffees that come from good people, we have some options in warehouse right now.

If you want to get more hands-on, we are here to facilitate; we love working with roasters who get involved.

If you tell us what you are looking to source then we'll arrange for relevant options from the mill to your cupping table,

with a direct connection back to contributing farms and farmers.

Read More

Latest blog Posts

This is a story of a coffee farmer named Mawazo, two goats and a bicycle. It's a short story, but a strong example of the work that IWCA is doing across East Africa.   Since 2012, IWCA Burundi coffee g...
This is a story of a coffee farmer named Mawazo, two goats and a bicycle. It's a short story, but a strong example of the work that IWCA is doing across East Africa.   Since 2012, IWCA Burundi coffee grow...


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