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This is a story of a coffee farmer named Mawazo, two goats and a bicycle. It’s a short story, but a strong example of the work that IWCA is doing across East Africa.


Since 2012, IWCA Burundi coffee growers have a project to select good cherries and sell the green coffee at best prices in order to have a second payment or a bonus. This crop, the bonus was distributed on 16th of December. They marched with a banner of IWCA Burundi to welcome the team which came for the distribution.


In front of the march was a woman, MIBURO Mawazo, on a bicycle. It’s not common to see a woman ride a bike in Burundi! After the distribution, Mawazo came and presented her story:” I was at home when I heard about IWCA Association. I became a member and in March 2013, I received 60,000 BIF ( sixty thousands Burundi Francs ) as a bonus of the coffee I sold to the Karehe washing station. I bought this bicycle and now if my child is ill, I can take him to see the doctor on my bicycle.


“Today, I actually received 140,000 BIF for bonus and two goats from Burundi Friends International. I will continue to work hard and well with IWCA and I hope to get a motorcycle in a nearest future. I am thankful to IWCA for that.”

– Story and photos provided by IWCA Burundi.