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Crop to Cup’s 2011 financial transparency report for the Burundi origin is just one part of our Whole Crop Project. Our goal is to better understand how our purchases impact coffee farmers at origin and to determine how value is distributed across coffee’s supply chain. Most buyers in Burundi’s coffee industry come together at the beginning of each season to agree on a price they will pay to all farmers. While this does not reward farmers dedicated to specialty coffee, it reduces the presence of middlemen and distributes more sustainable wages to all coffee farmers, regardless of their commitment to quality coffee. Crop to Cup purchases both in-season prices that go to all farmers, along with postseason bonuses specific to the Buhorwa region where our coffee is grown. This report details the exact prices paid to farmers in 2011, and highlights our goal to continue our transparency and work towards purchasing 100% of Buhorwa’s harvest– both the specialty and lower grades of coffee. The more of their coffee we can purchase, the higher the impact of the premium paid to farmers.