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Crop to Cup Coffee Co is excited to announce Whole Crop, a groundbreaking new coffee project, as we expand our farmer engagement into Burundi.  This has been 2 years in the making, searching out the right farmers and the right partners to be sure that this was something that could actually happen. The project is centered in and around a washing station called Burhorwa, which is located in Muramvya Province, northeast of the capital, Bujumbura.  Both the washing station setup (2nd highest altitude station in the country, and utilizing a siphon density cherry separation system) and the surrounding region are beautiful.  But that's not why we chose to work with Buhorwa.  What makes Buhorwa ideal is the eager determination of the...

The trip to Burundi was a fantastic educational success, and we are excited to be working with farmers there for the next harvest (starting in April '10).

Here are a few photos to show the places we explored and the people we met along the way. Click on each photo for a larger view.

Post questions about our activities in the comments section for this post - we would love to hear from you!

Days 4-5 – Bujumbura, Ngozi and Kayanza, Burundi Let’s start off by saying that Burundi is a coffee buyer’s dream. I’ll explain later, so let me first write a bit about where I am. I arrived in the capital, Bujumbura at about 1am from Entebbe, Uganda, after a 3 hour layover at one of the world’s most uncomfortable airports, Nairobi. Driving to my hotel from the airport, I was struck by the calmness of the city. Sure, it was 1am, but having visited other East African capitals such as Entebbe/Kampala, Kigali and Nairobi, I was surprised by the lack of even late night truckers, your odd pedestrian or two, or a candle burning at a food or cigarette stall. The city...
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Want to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, to get coffee from coffee farmers to your kitchens and cafes? Follow Crop to Cup's blog (here) and our twitter account to stay up to date on our trip to Uganda and Burundi this month. Taylor will first travel to Burundi, then the Crop to Cup team (Taylor and Alexis of C2C NY and Jake and Neil of C2C Chicago) will convene in Uganda. In Burundi we are building relationships with new groups of farmers by seeking out high altitude washing stations, well organized farmers and quality control processes, and working with farmers, local organizations and exporters to make Burundi a new "direct" origin for Crop to Cup, and...