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Blogging Burundi and Uganda coffee sourcing trip '09 - follow the trek!

November 04, 2009
Category: in Burundi Travel and Program Updates

Want to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, to get coffee from coffee farmers to your kitchens and cafes? Follow Crop to Cup's blog (here) and our twitter account to stay up to date on our trip to Uganda and Burundi this month. Taylor will first travel to Burundi, then the Crop to Cup team (Taylor and Alexis of C2C NY and Jake and Neil of C2C Chicago) will convene in Uganda.

In Burundi we are building relationships with new groups of farmers by seeking out high altitude washing stations, well organized farmers and quality control processes, and working with farmers, local organizations and exporters to make Burundi a new "direct" origin for Crop to Cup, and to bring Burundi coffee farmers closer to their ultimate customers: roasters, cafe owners and coffee drinkers back in the US.

In Uganda we are there to improve on quality with our coffees' farmers and processing partners, seek out new microregions and microlots, work with local development organizations and coffee promotion organizations in order to distribute the funds from our 20, 5, 10 program to farmers. Oh, and we hope to do a bit of shopping for our upcoming holiday gift baskets and have a bit of fun on the Nile.

The goal of our blog and twitter posts will be to bring you closer to the farm, to engage you not only in the coffee process, but also all that goes into travelling to coffee origins. More importantly, we aim to bring you closer to the people of Uganda and Burundi - from the far-off fields where the beans are grown, to the busy capital cities where industry toils to make life better in this part of the world.

We hope you will keep us in your RSS feeds or just check back regularly to see what's happening. Travel and internet connection permitting, we hope to post every other day or so. And, PLEASE, comment, question and engage! That's what the comments section is for.
Sidenote: our friends at Uganda Coffee on Foodista have some nice pics of other Ugandan coffee.

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