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How to get the best brew for your bean.

May 06, 2009
Category: in Skill-Building: Extraction
1. For a stronger, more full flavor, open the top of your drip machine and give the grounds a good stir. This will help release the full body of the roast.

2. If you use paper filters, wet the filter slightly before adding the grounds. This will help to make sure that the water flows through the entire filter easily, covering all the coffee grounds.

3. Get good beans, the coffee can only be as good as the beans that go into it. Don't settle for bargain brands - your stomach will thank you.

4. Use cold, filtered water (any type of consumer-level filter is great). If you don't filter it, at least use clean water; coffee is only as good as the water you use. Do not use distilled water - only filtered, bottled, or spring water.

5. Remove the used coffee and the filter immediately after brewing; if not, then the filter will continue to drip bitter coffee into your perfect pot.
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