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New green offerings ethiopia biftu gudina

August 14, 2015
Category: in Ethiopia Arrivals Archive
World class coffee from Ethiopia's Agaro Region
Biftu Gudina Cooperative operates in a remote pocket of the Agaro Region in Western Ethiopia.  There are no all-season roads, so as recently as 2012 farmers would walk their cherries over 5 miles to the nearest town, Beshesha.  On the way, cherry would bruise, break and over-ferment resulting in poor prices.  When the Coop was founded in '12 it immediately built a wet-mill and constructed a gravel road connecting the mill to Beshesha - with assistance from Technoserve. 

Today 155 members within a 2.5 mile radius deliver cherry to their own washing station.  Meticulous processing leads to a floral, bright, honeyed cup that shines as an example of world-class coffee from Ethiopia’s western frontier. Perhaps it is appropriate that Biftu in the Oromo language means ‘morning sun’ and Gudina means ‘growth/development’. Whether we are talking about the cup or the community we would agree that "bright development" comes to mind. 

Elevation: 5,900 - 6,100 ft   
Harvest Cycle: Nov - Feb
No. Farmers: 155
Total Produced: +/- 600 Bags
Lot Separation: n/a
Varietals: Heirloom varietals
Washing Method:  Fully Washed
Drying Method: Dried 10-14 days on raised beds

SCAA 88.25 
Aroma: Cardamom, dark fruit, citrus
Cup: Honey, apricot, tangerine, crisp acidity with background berries.  Complex, delicate, focused, light body.

OFFERS FOB NJ, Continental Terminals
From 4.07 - 4.63 // 237 bags  
(order samples online) // (email us)
Good coffee comes from good people. We believe that the farmer, exporter, importer, roaster and barista - everyone adds value to the final experience. We believe that the best way to get the best coffee is to invest in the people who help to make coffee special. We believe in the power of relationships. We believe that coffee builds relationships and that trade can have meaning. We believe that this purpose can both educate your customers and engage your staff. We believe that roasters and farmers both want the same things out of their coffee, and that we all win by being the best customers we can be to the best farmers we can find. Read more about why we do what we do and let us know what you believe. www.croptocup.com/aboutus

- Taylor, Jake, Dan, Ben and Maya
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