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New green offerings uganda bukonzo

July 22, 2015
Category: in Uganda Arrivals Archive
On the slopes of Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains, on the western border with the Congo's Kivu region, you will find 1,200 members of the Bakonzu tribe who have come together to form Bukonzo Organics (BOCU). These are amongst Kasese's first farmers to produce Fair-Trade Organic Certified coffees. While the region once had a rich history in producing Natural Arabicas, farmers had to leave their homes in the 1990s, returning to find their coffee trees uprooted.
Now the farmers of Bukonzo Organics are back, and organized. They have created 12 micro-washing stations to help with quality control and lot separation. They achieved their Fair Trade and Organic certifications after three years of work on their governance, on their processing, and on their farms. This is the first time Bukonzo's coffee will be coming to the US, and we are excited that they chose us to help make their introduction! 

Elevation: +/-4,800 ft   
Harvest Cycle: Aug - Jan
No. Farmers: 1,200
Total Produced: +/- 300 Bags
Lot Separation: By Certification & cup profile
Varietals: Narsalang, SL 14, Bourbon, Typica
Washing Method:  Fully Washed
Drying Method: Dried 10-14 days on raised beds, covered with shade nets from 12 -4pm

Buthale & Burangwa (FTO) 
Cocoa, cranberry, caramel, bright, thin body
Nayabirongo (FT) 
Fig, raisin, almond, pronounced sweetness, tart citrus, thin
Bukonzo WS Select (FTO) 
Dried fruit, raisin, vanilla, sweet, bright acid cools juicy

OFFERS FOB NJ, Continental Terminals
Buthale & Burangwa FTO 3.40 - 3.58 / 40 bags  
Nayabirongo FT 3.00 - 3.32 / 94 bags
Bokonzo Select  FTO  3.30 - 3.74 90 bags
(order samples online) // (email us)
Good coffee comes from good people. We believe that everyone - the farmer, exporter, importer, roaster and barista - everyone adds value to the the final experience. We believe that the best way to get the best coffee is to invest in the people who help to make coffee special. We believe in the power of relationships. We believe we that coffee builds relationships, that trade with meaning can educate your customers and engage your staff. We believe that roasters and farmers both want the same things out of their coffee, and that we all win by being the best customers we can be that to the best farmers we can find. Read more about why we do what we do and tell us what you believewww.croptocup.com/aboutus

- Taylor, Jake, Dan, Ben and Maya
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