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June recap, July updates 

July 07, 2015
Category: in Monthly Updates


JUNE UPDATE  |  In June we welcomed three lots from Uganda Bukonzo Organics to the Crop to Cup family. I encourage anyone to get to know this community and it's coffee, as it's going to be on the specialty radar for years to come.

This, however, was their first export to the US...and 
while we are very pleased with the cup, we have noticed some slight grading issues that we'll work to address for the 2016 harvest.  Don't let that get in the way of getting to know these great FTO options from a community that's on the rise. 

Buthale & Burangwa (FTO) - 84 // cocoa, cranberry, caramel, bright, thin body
Nayabirongo (FT) - 85 // fig, raisin, almond, pronounced sweetness, tart citrus
Bukonzo WS Select (FTO) 83 // dried fruit, raisin, vanilla, sweet, bright, cools juicy

June also saw coffees come in from the other side of Uganda (Mt. Elgon), as well from the western coast of Mexico - we are happy to have the long-awaited Guerrero Natural back in the mix. These beans will show up on our offering sheet after the holidays, so once you get back into the swing of things take a moment to check out our new offerings.

Coming up: By mid-July we will be emailing you about interesting coffees from Ethiopia (an Agaro and one called Biftu Gudina). We'll also be getting in more Ugandans (from Bulaago), and a box with Mandhleing micro-lots from Sumatra. Probably our tastiest July ever. 

Cupping Events: Because of all the activity, we'll be hosting a few streamlined cuppings to introduce these new offerings. If you are going to be in New York or Chicago in mid-July, stop in and taste with us.
  • 7.17, Brooklyn NY: Crop to Cup Importers Showroom // 541A 3rd Ave. 11215 // 10 AM EST // RSVP with Maya 
  • 7.20, Chicago IL: Location TBD // Inquiries and RSVPs to Ben

Gratitude: We want to extend a special 'thanks' to the the St. Louis coffee community for putting on the recent screening of 'A Film About Coffee'. If you haven't already, do check it out - both the STL coffee scene and the movie.  Two thumbs up, fer sure.

As always - Thank you for supporting our efforts.  Keep your eyes peeled for new offerings via email, and get in touch to get samples for anything that catches your eye. 


- Taylor, Jake, Dan, Ben, and Maya
SELECT SPOTS |  These are coffees that are scoring 85 + on our cupping tables.  

Tanzania Mwalyego AA // 79 bags // Sweet almond, Stonefruits in aroma.  Sparkling lime acidity, melon and apricot emerge as the cup cools.  
Burundi Buhorwa Lot 1 // 90 Bags // Sweet nut and flowers. Butternut, apple, fresh-cut fir in aroma and cup. Round, rich, deeply expressed acidity; syrupy, buoyant mouthfeel. The nut and flower notes deepen into a pleasant, savory, crisp finish. 
Buklonzo FT Nayabirongo WS // 70 Bags // figs, raisins, almond, Citric acid and demonstrated sweetness in cup.  
THIS JUST IN! | Just unboxed.  Get in touch for samples!

Uganda Bukonzo Organics, Rwenzori FTO and FT  // 200 bags //  citrus, caramel, apricot
Uganda Kapchorwa & Buginyanya Farmer Groups  // 320 bags //  lemon, peach, melon
Mexico 'Oro Natural', Natural coffee from Guerrero // 182 bags // strawberry, almond, marzipan
UPCOMING OFFERS |  Lots arriving in the next 60 days.  Check online to sign up for samples, or email us with questions. 

Uganda Bulaago, Top-farmers group in Mt. Elgon region  // 320 bags //  July arrival
Ethiopia Biftdu Gudina, Jimma Zone, Agaro Region // 320 bags //  July arrival
Ethiopia Yirg Bajaj, Yirgecheffe Region, Kochere District  // 120 bags //  July arrival
Ethiopia Ketim Estate, Keffa Zone, Natural Process // 200 Bags // June arrival
Mexico 'Volcan de fuego', Washed coffee from Colima   // 105 bags //  June arrival
Sumatra Mandheling Micro-Lots from Similungun District // 320 bags //  July arrival
Good coffee comes from good people. We believe that everyone - the farmer, exporter, importer, roaster and barista - everyone adds value to the the final experience. We believe that the best way to get the best coffee is to invest in the people who help to make coffee special. We believe in the power of relationships. We believe we that coffee builds relationships, that trade with meaning can educate your customers and engage your staff. We believe that roasters and farmers both want the same things out of their coffee, and that we all win by being the best customers we can be that to the best farmers we can find. Read more about why we do what we do and tell us what you believe. www.croptocup.com /aboutus
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