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Burundi Buhorwa Washing Station 2012 Import - NOW AVAILABLE! 3 LOTS

April 11, 2012
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We are excited and proud to announce that one of our finest coffees, Burundi Buhorwa Washing Station (Season II!) is now avaialble for sampling and purchase.  We imported 40 tons this year (the Buhorwa community's entire harvest) and the two shipping containers were cracked open and unloaded this morning (4/11/12) at Continental Terminals in New Jersey.

Samples are now available for roasters nationwide, or you can come pick some up at our office in Brooklyn or at SCAA in Portland next week (find us at the Burundi booth).  Call or email us for samples.  If you're a home roaster looking for less-than-bag volumes, you can order online by-the-pound here.

This year we cupped the washing station's coffee per harvest day and per batch of sinkers and floaters, and - before running the coffee through the mill and bagging the beans before export from Burundi - settled on 3 different lots (cupping notes to be posted in a few days from now):

- Lot 1: Top grades, highest performing in cup. Bagged in Grainpro.  314 bags available (60kg each)

- Lot 2: Lower performance in the cup, but still quite nice.  Bagged in Grainpro. 211 bags available

- Lot 3: floaters, defects in the cup, etc.  Not a specialty bean, but ideal for roasters looking for something unique, sustainable and direct-trade for blending in dark roasts, flavored coffee, etc.  115 bags available

You may be asking yourself, so why is a specialty importer like Crop to Cup bringing in such a variety of coffees from one origin - even the lower grades?   This is in fact the cornerstone of our relationship with the Buhorwa community, and it is called the Whole Crop Project.  On top of premium prices paid and agricultural training to continually improve quality, Whole Crop commits to farmers that we will buy 100% of their harvest....from the top lots for America's best specialty roasters all the way down to the low-grade lots for more budget conscious coffees, flavored coffees, etc.  The honest truth is that no matter how much effort one may put into improving a farm, every coffee tree will always produce a percentage of lower grade beans .  Of course the more care put in by the farmer, the higher the percentage of top quality beans a tree will produce, and the higher the income paid (higher quality beans pay more than lower), but the critical point is that every bean carries some potential for income.  Thus we commit to working with farmers to not only improve quality, but also to find sustainable markets for every bean their farms produce.

We have a wealth of information available about the fantastic coffee from Burundi's Buhorwa Washing Station. Our financial transparency report for this most recent harvest won't be ready for another month or so, but you can see our 2011 reports here:

- Financial Transparency Report (previous harvest)

- Geographical Transparency Report, including fly-to .kmz file for Google Earth

- Photos - lots!

We look forward to sharing this coffee with you and hearing your feedback!

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