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The State of the Industry

May 26, 2009
Category: in News and Events

Did you know that coffee farmers can earn as little as four cents per pound of coffee sold in the US? (1)

While partly due to high costs and the presence of many intermediaries, the effects of this are felt by you, the person who ultimately drinks the coffee.

If farmers are stuck in poverty, or being paid the same shoddy price no matter what they grow, then farmers simply will not make the effort necessary to produce high quality coffee. We are working on a quality-driven solution to this problem by paying 20% premiums above market prices to reward farmers for their efforts in producing premium coffees. More, we put 5% of every coffee sale we make back to good use in the farmers’ community, and give them a 10% stake in our annual profits, so that they have a vested interest in the success of their crop.

If you have thoughts on the coffee industry or questions for us, please leave comments on this post. We read them all and will respond to all questions.

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