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Blog posts tagged in coffee industry
Coffee Processing/Handling Techniques (at origin) Play out in the Cup Lessons from cuppings of six different Uganda Bugisu coffees by Taylor Mork, Crop to Cup Coffee Co. (Brooklyn, NY) Yesterday at Crop to Cup Brooklyn we had an eye opening and tasty coffee cupping. The goal was to re-cup a set of 6 new crop coffee samples that we recently received from two sources in the Bugisu region of Uganda.  We had cupped them last Friday, off a nice sample roast created by no other than NYC coffee fave Daniel Humphries.  We cupped roughly 24 hours after roasting.  JD and his team from Oslo Coffee and a few other friends joined us, and we definitely got a good read on the...

June 08, 2009
Category: in Skill-Building: Sourcing
You already know about the state of the coffee industry. There’s some not-so-decent stuff going on. But, don’t be too discouraged: There are a lot of organizations and companies trying to reverse this trend. Look at TechnoServe, or the East African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA) for examples of good people doing good things with coffee in the country of origin, or contact us to find out who is doing what in your community. Technoserve is one of those nonprofits with a small name in America, but a large presence on the ground. Visit their website to learn more about how they are positively affecting coffee-growing communities. Another organization working towards helping coffee growing communities is EAFCA. Their Secretariat is located in...

May 26, 2009
Category: in News and Events
Did you know that coffee farmers can earn as little as four cents per pound of coffee sold in the US? (1) While partly due to high costs and the presence of many intermediaries, the effects of this are felt by you, the person who ultimately drinks the coffee. If farmers are stuck in poverty, or being paid the same shoddy price no matter what they grow, then farmers simply will not make the effort necessary to produce high quality coffee. We are working on a quality-driven solution to this problem by paying 20% premiums above market prices to reward farmers for their efforts in producing premium coffees. More, we put 5% of every coffee sale we make back to good...