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Uganda Bugisu, Gibuzaale WS

coffee drying at manafwa
coffee drying at manafwaparchment drying houses at washing stationbuzibiti washing station
$420.65 each
$3.14 / lb
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New Jersey
Oct-Jan, Fly crop Mid-Aug
5,100- 5,900 feet
SL 14 & SL 28 (Kenya Hybrid of Jackons Bourbon)
Gibuzaale Washing Station
Gibuzaale Farmers Group
Mt. Elgon

Ginger, caramel, meyer lemon, plum, vanilla-chocolate soft serve

On the border with Kenya, Uganda's Mt. Elgon provides the perfect growing conditions for coffee. There are very few washing stations, but those that are there provide a center of education and a place from where quality standards are communicated to the farms. Coffee is collected in cherry form, where quality controllers ensure that only red ripes are purchased. Cherries are pulped using new eco-pulpers, washed, fermented, and dried on raised trays and in drying houses to ensure a consistent standard.

This coffee comes from the Gibuzaale washing station, one of the first places Crop to Cup started working back in 2006. For the past decade stations like this have been leading the way for farmer education and quality improvement in Eastern Uganda. As such, this lot is a beautiful representation of the Uganda Bugisu profile, and we are proud to have it in our line-up.

Uganda Bugisu, Gibuzaale WS


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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8 8 8 8 10 7.75 7.75 10 10

Aroma Tags:  orange toffee

Flavor Tags:  citrus acidity bakers chocolate toffee canteloupe

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Overall Impression: 8

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