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Sumatra Silimakuta Helena

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New Jersey
Wet Hulled / Sumatran Giling Basah
4600 - 5000 feet
Jember (S-795), Typica, Sigararutang
Single collector (Helena), Single Community (Silimakuta)

Top picks from the prime harvest on the northern shores of Lake Toba; this ain't no Mandheling.

Silimakuta is a small community in Sumatra's Lake Toba region whose coffees have traditionally been sold as Mandehling. Helena is a collector who lives in Silimakuta - she collects red ripe cherries from neighboring farms. After sorting based on quality, Helena pulps on the spot before taking parchment to the stream for washing and flotation. This coffee is then milled, dried, and delivered to Medan where it is dried and milled again before being hand-picked, twice. It's the best coffee from the first community who agreed to work with us. We promised that we would help them to create a name for themselves, and hope that you enjoy the coffee enough to help.

Sumatra Silimakuta Helena


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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8.25 8.25 8.25 8.25 10 8.25 8.25 10 10

Aroma Tags:  banana pepper green pepper sweet pecan amaretto cereal

Flavor Tags:  sweet green pepper caramel cereal candied mango

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Overall Impression: 8.25

My mind is deep into ‘Terminator Genesis” –as intriguing an idea as time-travel can be, it inevitably just annoys me in films. Jake gestures to the window. We’re descending into Medan, I squint to see that we’re under the cloud-cover, but still in midst of a smog, hundreds-of-feet-thick. It leaves a trail of itself, stretching out far to the south of us. We knew what we we’re getting into. But like many things in Sumatra, the scale was humbling. We’re arriving in Sumatra’s lar...
It's going to be a white Christmas in central Sumatra this year. Not snow, though; ash. This is because Mt. Sinabung is erupting. This volcano has been shooting ash miles into the air for weeks now - the government has evacuated an estimated 17,000 people from around the mountain's base and most people are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. This directly impacts the coffee farming community with whom we work in Simalungun (Sumatra, Indonesia), and we are putting the wo...
Some pictures and notes from my first trip to Sumatra; Jacob Elster ...

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