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New Jersey
Dec - Mar
Fully-Washed at washing center
3,000 - 3,300 ft
Yerbabuena Farmer Association
Cafe de Colima

Plum, pineapple, raisins, lingering honey and mint

In the West of Mexico Mt. Colima, or the Volcan de Fuego, shoots out above the Sierra Madre Occidental Range. The volcano is still active, and within its eruption zone live 856 coffee farmers whose small associations or ejidos work together to export coffee under a single cooperative Intragadora. This Intragadora is made up of member organizations from communities around Colima. However, if names such as Yerbabuena, Naranjal, Remudadero, and Arrayenol don't ring a bell, it i™s because they have yet to be seen in the U.S.; to-date all coffee in Colima has been sold to roasters in Mexico.

A short trip over well-maintained roads takes you from the town of Colima to the base of the volcano; all along the way you can admire a steady stream of ash pouring out and telling the direction of the wind. It is such a slight climb to the base of the mountain that the road between has been dubbed 'the Magic Zone'.“ Drivers are encouraged to put their cars in neutral, and watch in surprise as they roll backwards despite seeming to be on an even plain. After the Zona de Magica the road passes through the abandoned town of Yerbabuena; empty since the volcano's last large eruption on 2015. While the town is empty, the coffee fields have flourished in nearly a decade of settled ash. One extended family returns to their old homes on weekends to tend to their coffee fincas.

We are very happy to have met the families that farm in Yerbabuena, and hope you enjoy their very unique coffee.

  Trip Report, February 2018 Visitng Colima, Mexico By Ben Heins Dreaming of a better bean Colima Mexico 2018   Arriving in Colima couldn’t have been sweeter. Despite sharing a desk in Chicago, it had been quite some time since Jake and I had any time to actually enjoy another’s company. Even the layover in Mexico City was filling the battery. Boarding the plane to Colima we recognized Daniel, who worked with us in year’s prior as a translator. He was on our connection t...
  Trip Report, February 2018 Visitng Oaxaca, Mexico By Jake Elster the service of coffee    ’Coffee is a noble crop’, Gildo translated from Mixteca to Spanish. We were in Southern Mexico, Oaxaca State, near a Puebla called Guadalupe Mirimar, an indigenous Mixteca town smaller than my graduating class in high school. Being from the area Gildo (pronounced Hildo) showed us all that his community had to offer the world of specialty coffee. We were above the cloud-line, s...

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