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hand picker doing what she does at mwalyego washing station
hand picker doing what she does at mwalyego washing stationamcos edson w  mwakalasya - chairperson of mwalyego washing stationtraining multi-tasking at mwalyego washing stationmachine setting at mwalyego washing station
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New Jersey
August - January
4,700 - 5,000 feet
Bourbon, Kent and N39
150 farmers of Mwalyego Cooperative

Peach, baker's chocolate, snickerdoodle, lime

Mwalyego AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing and Cooperative Society), operates the Mwalyego washing station [pronounced Mwah-lee-ay-go] and is headed by Chairperson Edson W. Mwakalasya. This is a 150-farmer strong Co-op near Iwala, in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. More specifically you can find these farms about 10 miles west of Mbeya City, on the southern slopes of Mount Mbeya.

Through Crop to Cup's partners in Southern Tanzania farmers receive training in Good Agricultural Practices and tools for proper tree care, mulching and processing. The Co-op also receives pre-financing - important for farmers anywhere, but particularly so in Tanzania, where most co-ops and other types of farmer groups don't get paid until their coffee is dried, transported, milled and bagged for sale at the Tanzania Coffee Board Auction (usually several months after harvest).

This coffee always ranks high at the Tanzanian auction in terms of price offered by exporters, but the co-op has been looking for more direct access to better markets, and a better share of the coffee's export price. 2014 harvest (2015 import) is our first year working with Mwalyego, and we were lucky enough to be able to purchase all of the washing station's production. We look forward to deepening the relationship and growing with Mwalyego in the coming months and years, and indicators on the farms and with co-op management already point to a strong 2015 harvest.

Tanzania Mwalyego


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