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Arc Roaster - 800g Coffee Roaster (gas or electric)

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CURRENTLY IN STOCK and available to ship from NYC

The Arc Roaster, exclusive to Crop to Cup Coffee Importers and designed for specialty coffee roasting professionals and prosumers, is the premier roaster in its size class and budget.


The Arc can produce everything from 100-150g sample roasts all the way up to 800g mini production roasts. It is built to meticulous standard with professional grade materials, designed by specialty micro-roasters with over a decade of experience in roaster manufacturing, roasting and roaster-retailer operation. Since 2011 Crop to Cup has worked with staff in China to develop the ideal machine for small-scale production roasting, sample roasting and profiling. No detail has been left out. Follow the Arc to the next level in small batch roasting, with improved airflow and heating control, a powerful cooling fan, Bluetooth connection to your computer, USB port for light (included) and - might we say - damn sexy design.

The Arc is currently offered in matte black with gas power (110v for the controls), however, through special order, you can have yours built in red or black (gas), or in black or white (electric). The 220v electric version (no gas needed) is just as dynamic and powerful as the tried and true gas version. Note: the photos show the electric version (the gas version has a gauge in place of digital lower display).

***Online rate does not include shipping charges, to be charged separately.*** Arcs ship from Crop to Cup Brooklyn, NY via LTL Freight, and shipping will run $175-$400 (estimated) depending on your location, any delivery requirements, residential or commercial address, etc. For orders made online, delivery will be calculated after we contact you to confirm preferences, and charged separately. **Please note that in our intro video we mention delivery via UPS Ground. Due to potential damange, we no longer offer the cheaper UPS Ground shipping option unless customer takes all responsibility for damages in transit.

For more urgent orders when none are in stock in our Brooklyn warehouse, or for any orders outside the US, Canada and Mexico, Arcs can ship individually via air freight direct from the factory to your door for $600-$800 (estimated). However you then don't need to pay for shipping from NY, so additional cost is only $200-$625 to ship direct to you. Please allow 3-6 weeks for production and delivery)

Please call or email Crop to Cup to order your Arc. We are available weekdays 10am-6pm EST. Call (347) 599-0053 or email us at info@

Arc Roaster

ROASTER TYPE: Professional, gas or electric

CAPACITY: 100-800 grams / .33-1.75 pounds

SUGGESTED ROAST VOLUMES: 600 grams or 300 grams

HEAT SOURCE:Electric or Gas heat / propane (LP) @ 16,000 BTUs. LNG optional but requires special order.

CONTROLS: Stepless control of air-flow and heat allows for quick-response adjustments. THREE dual K-type thermocouples measure exhaust/environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and air-in temperature.

Automatically track roasts with Artisan Roast Profiling Software ( - connected by USB or Bluetooth.

COOLING: Separate cooling fan

TIME RANGE: 8 - 15 minutes

VENTILATION: Via 3" flexible venting duct, separate outlets from cooling fan and airflow fan


WEIGHT: 115 lbs

ELECTRICAL: 110v/50-60hz/250w (gas version), 220v/3500w/50-60hz/16amp (electric version)

FOOTPRINT: 31 x 19 x 30 in (depth x w x h)


SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 35 x 24 x 28 in (depth x w x h)

DRUM: Variable Speed, Carbon Steel (very similar to cast iron), Solid Drum, with 25w motor, 6 in diameter, 3mm thickness

COOLING TRAY: 50W motor, 11.8 in diameter

EXHAUST FAN: 45w motor

If you have any questions please pick up the phone and call us, or come by our Brooklyn showroom where we have a demo unit to try out.

If you can pick up your Arc from our Brooklyn, NY showroom then you save on the cost of domestic shipping to your door. However, NY customers (pickup in Brooklyn or ship within NY State) are subject to NYS sales tax - calculated upon checkout.

****Price includes customs and import into the US but not delivery to your door.

WARRANTY: Industry standard warranty covers parts for 1 year. Shipping on parts is covered for the first month.

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