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Ethiopia Agaro Washed, Hunda Oli

$521.18 each
$3.94 / lb
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New Jersey
Fully Washed
Hunda Oli Cooperative
Hunda Oli Cooperative
Jimma Zone, Gomma District
171 (50 female, 121 male)

Once you cup this lot you'll know why the coop is called Hunda Oli, which translates to "above all" or "the greatest" in Oromo. Hunda Oli Cooperative was founded in 2012 and quickly began impressing specialty cuppers. The coop strictly pulps coffees only within 8 hrs of picking, then dries parchment with a short initial period in the shade followed by a longer time on sunny tables with constant turning. All daily lots are separated and tracked all the way to the Union warehouse in Addis. Due to their success on the cupping table, the coop added a 2nd wet mill in 2015 to expand its membership and catch basin. In addition, the coop has been able to construct an elementary school and 15 spring water access points to benefit the surrounding communities form which its membership hails.

Ethiopia Agaro Washed, Hunda Oli


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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8.25 8.25 8 8.25 10 8.25 8.5 10 10

Aroma Tags:  toasted almond orange blossom cocoa brown sugar

Flavor Tags:  honeycomb juicy orange floral sweet tea

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Overall Impression: 8.25

  Resa Cooperative in Wenango District of Ethiopia - in the Off-Season. This farm truck sits in front of the storage barn / dry mill for the 2,700 farmer-strong, Yirgecheffee Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Member. As one of the more competitive coffee origins in the world, most purchasing in Ethiopia is done before the first cherries are picked. Buyers line up contracts with their exporters, who in turn, are waiting for the bell to ring on the ECX floor in Jan, to secure volume and fulfil...
It's been a truly magical experience in Ethiopia this past week. Here, in the birthplace of coffee, hundreds of thousands of completely wild coffee trees grow under the cover of dense forest towering hundreds of feet overhead. We coffee sourcers often like to talk about the pleasures of visiting a perfectly managed coffee farm (properly pruned and mulched, spacing between trees, carefully planned shade trees, etc) but never could we have imagined the joy of walking through a dense forest of coff...

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