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Ethiopia Limmu Natural, 'Kossa Geshe'

ethiopia belete-gera dried cherries in storage
$621.62 each
$4.70 / lb
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New Jersey
August - October
Natural Processed
5,900-7,000 feet
Kossa Geshe Estate
Kossa Geshe Estate
Jimma Zone, Limmu
Strawberry Jam, bruleed marshmallow, vanilla, lemon acidity

Ethiopia Limmu Natural, 'Kossa Geshe'


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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8.94 8.38 8.31 9.06 9.5 8.44 8.63 9 8.5

Aroma Tags:  grape watermelon earth ceder straw black tea toast malt sweet milk chocolate smooth fruit bread berries apricots caramel chocolate hazelnuts

Flavor Tags:  passion fruit watermelon orange grape raspberry cherry plum dates blueberry melon hay black tea straw flower blossom caramel milk chocolate chocolate floral complex jam apricot pineapple orange flower

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Overall Impression: 8.81

When Hot: Light fruit smell. Earthy taste. When Cooling: Bigger fruit smell. More fruity pleasant taste.
by Clark
Great cup. Smells amazing. One of my personal favorite Ethiopian coffees I've ever had. Very smooth. Reminds me of a milk chocolate crunch bar with the sweetness of a watermelon and a grape / berry aroma that fills a room.
by Adam
Truly a pleasure. Aromas translate well into the taste and has a very clean well rounded mouthfeel with an aftertaste that did not exactly have you craving for more, it did, in the very least, push us towards an extended tasting of this bean trying to pin down the flavors.
by Jon
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