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png banz family
png banz familypng banz family in farmkabiufa drying
$66.00 each
$1.89 / lb
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April – Aug
Fully Washed
4,700 - 5,000 feet
Typica & Bourbon (90%), Caturra (10%)
AAK Cooperative

Odds and ends from past imports. All specialty coffees, all a bit past their prime. But when importers sell at a loss everyone else wins, so dip on in!

Note that this coffee ships from our office in Brooklyn by USPS or UPS, so cannot be consolidated with orders from other warehouses. No samples. Call us to discuss options! 347 599 0053, say your calling to talk through 'bag ends'.

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Overall score

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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8 7.75 7.5 7.5 10 7.75 8 10 10

Aroma Tags:  tarragon squash

Flavor Tags:  pomegranate raisin milk chocolate

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Overall Impression: 7.75

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