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Burundi Bukeye Buhorwa

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$13.66 each
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New Jersey
5,800 - 6,200
Jackson Bourbon
one washing station
Buhorwa Washing Station
Bukeye Town, Muramvya Province

Orange marshmallow, vanilla, peaches, black tea with lemon. This is a juicy classic from our friends at the Buhorwa Washing Station

Burundi Bukeye Buhorwa


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AromaAcidityBodyFlavor SweetnessBalanceAftertasteCleanlinessUniformity
8 8 8 8.25 10 8 8 10 10

Aroma Tags:  black tea orange citrus

Flavor Tags:  orange marshmellow vanilla peaches black tea with lemon

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Overall Impression: 8.5

Sh*t's Getting Real in Burundi 10/19/18 Update Poop production begins soon! Farmers in Crop to Cup’s second longest standing relationship (since 2010) have inched closer to a legally recognized cooperative and are well underway in their comprehensive community initiative, called Projet Vache.   The goal of the program is quite simple: increase incomes by improving farm productivity and quality and provide alternative sources of income How to achieve the goal is much more intricate,...
This is a story of a coffee farmer named Mawazo, two goats and a bicycle. It's a short story, but a strong example of the work that IWCA is doing across East Africa.   Since 2012, IWCA Burundi coffee growers have a project to select good cherries and sell the green coffee at best prices in order to have a second payment or a bonus. This crop, the bonus was distributed on 16th of December. They marched with a banner of IWCA Burundi to welcome the team which came for the distribution...

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