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Country and Community Information

Oaxaca Sochiapam Smallholder Organic (PC '18)

$12.08 each
$4.03 / lb
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New Jersey
Fully Washed
Typica and Caturra
351 famers across 1 community
Oaxaca, Sochiapam (La Canada)

Caramel, melon and raisins mark this organic lot, gathered 2-10 bags at a time from the highest altitudes bodegas in Oaxaca


Sochiapam is a municipality in the Canada Region of Oaxaca State. It has a population of just over 4500 people, 100% of whom belong to the Chinatec tribe. The Chinatec have by and large preserved their pre-Columbian culture due to pride in their distinctive language, and because of how removed they are from normal Mexican society. Getting here involves a day across high-sierra desert, and another on narrow cut-backs up a mountain and into a cloud forest. Once here you won’t hear a lick of Spanish, only the lyrical whistling that makes the Chinatec language so unique. Every farm here grows coffee; some farmers have groups together to build a central bodega for the proper storage of their coffee. Next step is to incorporate as an association or cooperative so that they can work together in the marketing, sale and transport of this coffee to market.

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