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Silicone Lubricant (Food Grade H1, High Temperature)

Common price: $10.99 Our price: $10.99 each
$12.21 / lb

We recommend this food grade lubricant (NSF H1) from LPS Labs for lubricating the Arc Roaster drum rod (in front and back). The Arc very rarely needs lubrication, but if you sense any drag this is the product you need to have on hand. It is one of very few lubricants on the market that are both H1 food safe and can withstand temperature of 500F.


Why should anybody buy this product from us? WE INCLUDE STRAWS! Beware - many other vendors online do not sell this product with the straw needed to focus a small amount of spray in a specific, confined space within a piece of equipment.

Before application ensure that the equipment is off and unplugged, and there is no risk of flame/ignition source. After applying wait at least 30 minutes before using the machine (this allows adequate time for the synthetic solvents to evaporate, leaving only the silicone lubricant).

10 wt. oz./284 g/454 mL (16oz container size) Metal detectable plastic components-DETEX® NSF® Certified: H1 Registration # 113815 Meets FDA regulation for incidental food contact Provides excellent lubrication Ideal for releasing molded parts Dry film will not attract dust or dirt Manufacturer Model 01716

US SAFETY DATA SHEET: https://www.lpslabs.com/site_files/tech_downloads/11716.pdf

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: https://www.lpslabs.com/site_files/tech_downloads/FGSilicone_TDS_180605-2.pdf

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