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Phidget 1048_0 Temperature Sensor 4-Input

$139.00 each
$185.33 / lb

Phidget 1048_0 TemperatureSensor 4-Input, in plastic shell enclosure and including K-Type wires (3 sets) and USB cord.

Why purchase this from Crop to Cup? We don't want you to be stuck having to purchase additional wires and cords once your bare Phidget arrives, so we include the K-type wires and USB cord needed to connect the Phidget to your Arc roaster (or any other roaster)and your computer running Cropster Roast or Artisan Roaster Software.

Includes 3 sets of K-type wires, but does not include thermocouples.

This is a great add-on order option so it doesn't increase your shipping charge too much, if at all (add on to green coffee orders).

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