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the mexican (specialty coffee) revolution



  • The Mexican Revolution. The United States of Mexico is the 8th largest producer of coffee in the world, and the largest coffee trade partner with the United States of America. 97% of the country’s coffee trees are grown under shade; in some areas (such as the State of Colima), farmers are paid 150 pesos per hectare per year for preserving shade trees. While there are 12 states which grow coffee, only a handful are known by name. Fully 80% of Mexico’s coffee is exported by four companies, and only 10-15% of the country’s exports are considered specialty.

    The situation is ripe for those numbers to change. Over a century ago the Mexican Revolution rallied farmers across the nation to redistribute land and wealth. A few years ago the Cup of Excellence began inciting farmers to take an interest in the quality of their coffee. As the specialty coffee revolution spreads, expect to see new generation of flavors coming out of states other than Chiapas and Veracruz.

  • Colima

    Colima is an incredibly pleasant place. The town of Colima is located in the small state of Colima which is nestled between the states of Jalisco and Michoacan on Mexico's Pacific coast. The state is dominated by a large volcano, the slopes of which boast small family-owned coffee fincas. This coffee goes to local roasters; there is a big coffee culture in Colima.  If you ever visit, you will be taken on the locally famous Ruta del Cafe. However, these farmers have also organized an Intregadora (association of cooperatives) to allow them to export should they have the opporutunity. The time has come for coffee from Colima to be known outside the 'Ruta del Cafe'. 


  • Guerrero

    Guerrero is known for the beaches of Acapulco, as the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution, and as a hot-bed of cartel activity. It is not known for coffee, but three generations ago a small group of dedicated farmers brought coffee to the mountains overlooking the fishing town of Zihuatanejo. Yes, this is where Morgan Freeman escapes to at the end of Shawshank Redemption. A two hour drive from the beach and you will findy yourself high in the Sierra Occidental Range - and deep in the fincas of Levya Mancilla. Levya Mancilla is a farmers association whose members include the first farmers to bring coffee to the area.  Due to their unique climate and capabilities, this group is especially good at producing natural coffees - which they affectionaly refer as 'natural gold'. We are proud to represent their coffee in the US, and encourage you to take a bite to see if this gold is real.


  • Oaxaca

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    Variety is the name of the game in Oaxaca. Most of the state lives at high-altitude along the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca Mountain range with extreme terrain along main peaks of Zempoaltépetl and Sierra Juárez. As these names imply, Oaxaca is home to over 50 indigenous ethnic groups as well. The Mixe people is one of these groups, all smallholders who have grouped together to be all represented by La Coopeartiva Ayuuk.

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