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with great challenge comes great reward

Jimma Zone, Keffe Region
Limmu Zone, Agaro Region

  • Unrivaled Diversity and Potential. Not only the birthplace of the Arabica coffee species, Ethiopia could also be said to be the birthplace of Africa’s coffee geography. From its high altitude plateaus and peaks and surrounded by neighbor nations Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Eritria, the country descends into the Great Rift Valley, thus beginning the lands of other great coffee giants, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and more.

    Ethiopia always seems to be a country that needs little introduction when it comes to coffee. Its regions – Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Jimma, Harar just to name a few – are well known even to general consumers, and its cup profiles – deep blueberry, to intense spice, to bright lemon – always make for an exciting cupping table. With this in mind, one would think that Ethiopia is an exporter and roaster’s paradise. But try to really do business there and you find that this is one of the most complex, vast and difficult coffee origins to navigate. Many Ethiopians have built small fortunes on the success of nearly perfect coffees, or on the volumes and trading security of the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX). Travelling throughout the villages and many milling cities, however, one still finds extreme levels of poverty, poorly maintained farms and a lack of follow-through on processing and handling.

    Luckily, farmers across the country are passionate about building strong relationships and improving coffee year over year, and the land could not be more full of potential. Through all the complexities of Ethiopia, we have been able to source some of our most unique and highest quality coffees – we hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

  • Limmu Zone

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    Western Ethiopia is one of its most diverse in regards to varietals, cup profiles and processing styles. While this diversity has led to a diversity of opinion on coffees from Jimma, we have found that Western Ethiopia is a better place to go hunting for gems. And we have found some gems over the years - phenomonal farmers and exceptional coffees who have yet to be introduced to the US market. In and around Agaro's national forests, in particular, there are some gems to be found. We work alongide a variety of in-country parnters to stay up-to-date on the most promising farms and farmers in the region.   

    2009 Technoserve began working in Ethiopia, on a two-fold mission to (1) improve the value (quality) of coffees produced and (2) Additionally, to make sure the farmers of that coffee we’re receiving a higher percentage of the value they were creating. Since 2009, 60+ washing stations have been created, alongside the ongoing field-work and support of Technoserve’s Jimma staff. The approach has been successful by all accounts. Farmers own their own equipment (financed and paid down over time), they negotiate their selling prices, and pay a small commission for processing and export (5% commission + costs). With the quality support and feedback from the Technoserve cuppers in Jimma, they grow better coffee and keep more of the value of that coffee.

    As we continue to work in western Ethiopia. We tip our hats to our Technoserve – and hope to continue to support them as they push pave the way for greater farmer equity, and help produce the best coffees coming out of the country.

    Limmu Zone


  • Kaffa Zone

    The Kaffa Province is a sub region Jimma. This is the birthplace within the birthplace of coffee; the word 'kaffa' itself comes from the Arabic 'qahwah' which means 'to drink from berries'. In the mid-90's Kaffa was combined with neigbhoring regions into a polity called 'Oromia' and 'Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Regions', but the term is still useful since it is more specific than 'Oromia' and easier to say than 'SNNPR'. This zone is home to over 30 coffee farming cooperatives and over 40,000 coffee-growing households. 

    Kaffa Photos

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Ethiopia Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Guji Uraga Neja Fadil - NJ -

Mustefa Abalulesa Natural - NJ -

Ethiopia Jimma Agaro Washed Organic, Biftu Gudina Lot 4 - NJ -

Ethiopia Limmu Natural, 'Kossa Geshe Avocado Plot' - NJ -

Ethiopia Efrem ​Emero Keffa Natural, ​Site 2 (EBL) - AX -

Ethiopia Guji, Dimtu Hambella Washed - NJ -

Kochere Shore Ourago Farm - AX -

ShakIso Outgrowers Mancity, Organic - NJ -

Uraga Tebe Burka Lot 2 - AX -

Sidamo Bensa NIB Cooperative, Organic Natural - AX -