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We've spent the past five years working to find robust sample roasters that don't break the bank. First we found the Huky, and then we helped to design the ARC.

While we are not in the equipment business, we are in the sampling and getting feedback business. And we hope that these roasters make it easier for us to communicate feedback between customers and suppliers.

Contact us if you'd like to hear our list of pro's and cons for each roaster, or to discuss the tips and tricks we've found useful in getting the most out of them.

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Home Roasting Price Quantity
Arc Roaster - 800g Coffee Roaster (gas or electric) $ 3.750.00 +-

Huky 500T, 500g Stovetop or Gas Professional Sample Coffee Roaster (Customized and Complete Kit) $ 2.349.00 +-

Introduction to Coffee Roasting - Gift Certificate $ 125.00 +-

Silicone Lubricant (Food Grade H1, High Temperature) $ 10.99 +-

Replacement Propane Regulator Hose 12ft (REPLACE ANNUALLY) $ 24.99 +-

Replacement Gasket - Flexible Silicone $ 4.00 +-

Replacement Gasket - Hard Silicone - Long Life $ 7.00 +-

Bean Temperature Thermocouple (Temperature Probe) K Type $ 22.00 +-

ET or Air-In Thermocouple (Temperature Probe) K Type $ 22.00 +-

ET, BT and Air-In 3-Pack Thermocouples (Temperature Probe) K Type $ 58.00 +-

Airflow Meter for Arc Roaster $ 175.00 +-

Replacement 3in x 20ft Ducting Hose - Flexible, matte black $ 39.00 +-