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Here are a few items we have in our coffee quality lab, including a few extraction devices we think to a good job.

You can source the best beans, roast them to perfection, and sweat over getting the right grind. However, while you need to control extraction to properly evaluate or get the best out of your beans, the fun part about brewing is that it's not all about damage control.

When you get to choosing what brew device you want to use you have a wonderful tool-set for extraction. Manually brewing allows you to truly explore a bean, and by doing so, your preferences.

Just as the roaster chooses what profile to follow for their interpretation of a bean, brewing devices are how roasted coffee is interpreted and translated into a 'wow' experience.

And so we have included some brew devices that we've had fun with. We hope you do too!

If you would like to talk about how we use any item for Quality Control or calibration, please contact us ( or stop by our Importers Showroom for a demonstration.

  • $14.75 each Cupping Spoon - Crop to Cup Goat
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  • $2.45 each Cupping Bowl - Porcelain 7oz
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  • $299.00 each Le Nez du Cafe
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  • $6.00 each Filtropa Filters #4
    23 items in stock
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Cupping & Extraction Price Quantity
Cupping Spoon - Crop to Cup Goat $ 14.75 +-

Cupping Bowl - Porcelain 7oz $ 2.45 +-

Le Nez du Cafe $ 299.00 +-

Filtropa Filters #4 $ 6.00 +-


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