Bargain Beans

If you are the type that likes doing deals, read on. As a small importer we cannot afford to carry inventory forever, and sometimes are in a position of needing to liquidate perfectly good coffees. Other times we come across lots which we like, but which have no home. This section of our menu contains an ever-changing smattering of coffees which simply must go. Samples are available on most discount offers, but not for items on our Bag Ends menu. We use GrainPro extensively but coffee is a food; some of these beans show, some do not. All were traceable, specialty coffees at some point which have been discounted down to below-market rates. So for you treasure seekers out there, enjoy!


Deep discounts on perfectly good coffees

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Packs cannot be divided. All coffees are shipped USPS from our offices in Brooklyn NY 11215

Bargain Beans Bags Available Location Price Pounds per Bag Quantity Compare
Sale Ethiopia Agaro Washed, Hunda Oli (PC '16) - NJ -

Uganda Bugisu Bulaago (PC'17/18) - NJ -

Sale Sumatra Lintong Batak Nauli (PC '17) - NJ -

Sale Kenya Boma AA (PC '17) - NJ -

Sale Kenya Nyeri Giakanja (PC '17) - NJ -

Sale Kenya Kiambu Kanake (PC '17) - NJ -

Sale Burundi Bargain Bin - Brooklyn -

Sale PNG Bargain Bin - Brooklyn -

Sale Kenya Bargain Bin - Brooklyn -

Sale Ethiopia Limmu Washed, Fahem Estate (PC '17) - NJ -

Rwanda Kopakama FT (PC '18) - NJ -

Bag Ends
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