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Pushing Specialty to New Heights

Lekali Estate, Nuwakot

  • The cost of doing business in Nepal runs as high as the Himalayas, but the potential for unparalleled flavors is just as high. These costs come from limited land, expensive labor and logistics, lots of red tape, and inflation. The industry is still rebuilding after the 2015 earthquake, but a few farmers have come back with commitment stronger than before.

    There are several coffee-growing regions in Nepal, but just about everywhere you look coffee comes behind well tea, cattle and other crops. For serious quality we will focus your attention to the Ganesh Himal mountain range in the northern district of Nuwakot. This is home of the ancient Shah Dynasty, and to Lekali Estate. With the mission of bringing up the Village of Bhirkune, this family is serious about coffee.

  • Lekali Estate

    Lekali means 'Highlands' or 'Mountains' and describes the geography around Bhirkune Village. Truly pioneers in coffee and in their community, these farmers go above and beyond in every way. For example, they use a refractometer to measure the Brix level on each cherry before picking. The estate needs more land, better yeilds and an absence of earthquakes. Neighboring smallholders need training and encouragement towards quality practices.

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  • $835.06 each Nepal Lekali Estate (40KG)
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