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The coffee harvest at the Buhorwa Washing Station in Burundi is unseasonably late this year- the latest it’s been for at least the past 8 years. We hope we’ll be here for at least the first picking, but in the meantime, there is plenty of other work to be done. We have been conducting historical data collection and analysis and creating detailed mapping of the “zone” whose inhabitants and small family farms (about 2,400) contribute coffee to the Buhorwa station. We’re collecting production data from the washing station as well as the headquarters of the Sogestal up in Kayanza. Though we’re only about halfway through, the data is yielding remarkable findings which will help us, the Sogestal, and the farmers, who are most affected by fluctuations in harvest. As we further gather and share this geographical data, we hope it will benefit not only Crop to Cup, but also the Buhorwa station and the local partners- in planning, training, and quality improvement. This is all part of our transparency work.