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While in Sumatra, the Crop to Cup team visited various sourcing regions to get more traceability and awareness around their coffee production. The Gayo region is like the country western of coffee origins. It has a rugged twang and happens to be full of cowboys. The community cooperation here to combat insect damage in the Sumatran coffee is incredibly valuable. The farmers in the Gayo region are part of the newly formed One Coffee Cooperative. Many farmers in Gayo relocated there after the 2004 tsunami, and when they arrived they received support from the International Migration Organization (IMO) on how to grow, process, and cup specialty coffee. Lingtong in Lake Toba is slightly closer to Medan, and many farmers sell directly to exporters in Medan rather than through the Sumatran middle-men, called ‘Tokehs.’ In Lingtong they are working to connect more smallholder and female farmers directly to exporters. These farmers are Rain Forest Alliance certified, which allows for more traceability of the coffee.