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Project name 1

Project Name

Minimum length is this Brazil length, maximum length is about 3 times this Brazil length: Brazil is to other coffee-growing countries as Jupiter is to other planets – it’s huge, deserving a
category of its own. But yet we don’t look to Brazil as a source of specialty; we were once told that asking for a sample of SSFC 17/18 is like asking for a sample of a ‘big mac’.

However this is an old view of an older generation. But now we have a younger generation – one that was raised with the Internet, who know that coffee can taste different , and who are
excited to find out what’s possible. But it’s a struggle to convince parents that specialty is not just youthful fantasy – with one way working so well for so long, it’s hard to take
specialty as serious. This battle seems to be happening inside households across Brazil, as college-edgucated city-dwellers return to the family farm as their baby-boomer parents look towards retirement.

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