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One of Crop to Cup’s partners at the Buhorwa Washing Station is the Burundi Agribusiness Project (BAP). BAP is a USAID-funded project administered by Development Assistance International and Michigan State University’s Institute for International Agriculture. This year, Buhorwa Washing Station has implemented a brand new, large-scale water treatment system and a new set of latrines and a hand-washing station. BAP contributed half of the funding required, while Sogestal Kayanza (the owners of the washing station) contributed the other half. The new water treatment system is vital for the overall health of the farms and their surrounding communities. Both of these projects use simple technology (though still large and costly undertakings) to make major improvements in the Buhorwa coffee growing community. In addition to these two site improvement projects, BAP also employs a group of field-based agronomists. Much of the work at this time of the year involves trainings to assist small scale farmers to grow more and better quality coffee, and thus increase annual incomes. Additional trainings tackle gender equality, crop diversification, animal husbandry and farmer organization.