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We are your team, you are ours

How we work

We work hard to turn over every stone and find the best from every harvest. We work collaboratively to grow knowledge and connect everyone in the supply chain. We work transparently with a flat-rate, cost-plus pricing model. We work on the outskirts of specialty to build up new suppliers and bring new coffees to market. We work with you to make the most out of every harvest, and we work for farmers and exporters as your sales team to maintain year-round relationships with your customers- specialty roasters.

You need access to information, feedback and good customers. We need loyal and motivated producing partners who invest in the long-term relationships that make specialty possible. Success, for us, is your beans at their very best, winning over roasters with the effort you put into quality.

Where we work

We are a small team serving specialty roasters focused on quality and supply chain integrity. Most of our distribution is in North America, all of it is within the specialty coffee segment. Roasters we represent typically use between 10,000 lbs and 1,000,0000 lbs a year. An average sale is 10 bags. Coffees we represent may be sampled 100+ times and will be marketed to over 3,000 roasters. We are most useful when you are looking to distribute coffees that score 86+ points on the SCA quality scale. That is the level at which you begin building a strong brand and seeing improved premiums.

Once we find a customer for your coffee our intention is to build on that relationship as much as possible. This leads to loyal, more direct relationships between you and your customers. Note that we sell to coffee roasters, who must, in turn, train their team to sell your coffee to final consumers. In this way, your customers are part of your sales team as well. The closer you work with us to build a solid relationship, traceability and quality, the better equipped we will be to promote your coffee.

What we offer

  • Representation of your coffees to top roasters in the North American specialty market
  • Quality control, feedback and year-round support to improve competitiveness
  • A transparent cost-plus business model that rewards quality
  • Access to your customers (roasters) and assistance in building a brand for your coffees

What we ask for

  • Partners who value honesty; industry credibility is our chief currency
  • Partners who take pride in their work
  • The first look at your best offers; if we have supported you in any way, we hope to be your first choice for export
  • We want to hear from you often; communication is key to the way we work.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get in touch with you?

Fill out the form below.  Email us  if you have specific questions.


What do you look for in a supplier partner?

Our mantra is “good coffee comes from good people”.  This means we look for:

  • Strong communities or groups with evidence of cooperation, communities with strong social capital. For example, indigenous, localized coops or producer associations, religious, women’s or youth groups.
  • Areas that lack a connection to local markets, and could benefit by being connected to international specialty markets. 
  • Motivated partners, groups that are proactive communicators, patient yet persistent, passionate, curious, loyal, and able to show progress year over year. 
What services do you offer supplier partners?

While we do purchase coffee FOB export, that’s just one step in what we do. It’s more useful to view us as a sales and marketing team as opposed to conventional coffee buyers. You can use us for the following:

MARKET INSIGHT. Our team works hard to stay calibrated with hundreds of US specialty roasters. We can provide insight into what these customers buy and how they use your coffees. 

HARVEST STRATEGY. We can help you to plan for selling into the US specialty market. This includes flavor mapping, pricing, processing, and pre-harvest planning.

SAMPLE SERVICE. Our office in New York can receive, evaluate, and help to distribute samples you send to us. 

EXPORT ASSISTANCE. It takes a lot to move coffee from your farm to port, and no one can do it alone. We team up with organizations that can assist in almost every coffee producing country with cupping, milling, training, financing and logistics.  We also cultivate relationships with private, government, and not for profit organizations that have invested interest. In this way, our role is to help you connect the dots between you and your customers. Coffee is a team effort.  

MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION. We take over financing, marketing, and distribution from the port of export. Coffees are brought into a US warehouse where they are distributed as needed to your customers. This can sometimes take 6 – 18 months. We manage all releases and oversee delivery. We also commit to publishing your story as you want it told.  

How will you represent my coffee to roasters in North America??

It starts with building an offer. We can provide feedback on where your offers might stand apart from other producers in your country. Roasters use different coffees to fill different parts of their menus. Knowing where your coffee will go can help you improve on your strengths. 

Once an offer is built, it is shared internally with the Crop to Cup sales team. If there is interest from roasters we list the coffee on a forward offering list. We may share it further through blogs, harvest updates, instagram posts and other communications designed to build interest behind a new supplier. The more information we have, the better. The larger the samples, the more we have to share.

If a roaster selects your coffee, it’s because of the work you put into quality. 

After they select your coffee our support continues to help introduce you to the client, their team, and their customers. We offer them opportunities to learn, to travel, and to connect with you. The goal is to build recognition and loyalty that grow the relationship year over year. Getting started is always the hardest. 

The first sale relies on the ability to calibrate with potential customers. Calibration is a two way trust we build by understanding one another’s coffee and business. When in calibration with roasters, we know what they want and when they need it. They trust us to source them credible (and incredible) coffees. 

How do you determine a price?

Many coffee buyers are out to find the best coffee at the lowest prices. We are out to find the best coffees at the best prices we can pay. There are a few ways to get there. 

Market + Quality. We research and then set minimums which beat market prices. Since we can sell better coffee for more, we then establish bonuses based on quality. For example, an 84 point minimum might receive some small premium over market, more for an 85 and much more as the coffee gets to 86 and more. Premiums and processes for evaluation can be put in contracts for repeat relationships. 

Long-term. This can result in immediate, repeat or multiple year contracts. Bring us in to talk to your bank; we can often provide the pricing stability they need to offer or improve a loan. 

All offers are presented to your customers with a flat markup; we make the same regardless of cost. Read more about our Pricing & Philosophy 

Why work with Crop to Cup?

You can trust us. If you want feedback on a sample, we’ll give it to you straight.  We don’t make any promises we cannot keep – in part because we don’t make many promises past doing our best to represent your coffees at their best, and remain in touch year-over-year.  

It’s your name on the bag; your brand as a producer that we represent to your customers. But since you can’t be here, we work hard to build healthy relationships. We’ll connect you to your customers, because you are your coffee’s best advocate.

Please visit our Company FAQ page for a heavier read, including high level detail on our Sourcing and Quality Standards, Pricing and Philosophy.

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