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We are your team, you are ours

How we work

We work hard, to turn over every stone and find the best from every harvest. We work on the outskirts of specialty, to encourage new suppliers and bring new coffees to market. We work collaboratively, to grow knowledge and connect everyone in the supply-chain. We work transparently, with a flat-rate cost-plus pricing model. We work with you, as part of your green bean team. We work for you, as year-round advocates in communities you care about.

You need access to unique, intentional coffees. We need buyers who are committed to year-over-year relationships. Success is working together to find a coffee you can care about, then helping you to get as hands-on as you want with annual improvements.

What is Crop to Cup?

Crop to Cup represents the best coffees from some of the most promising suppliers in specialty. We began in Uganda in 2007, expanded to Burundi in 2009, and now work with over 110 active communities across a dozen countries. Seeking out the best people in coffee has brought us to new frontiers in every country where we work. Our best work is when we can support a motivated community in bringing a new coffee to market, and work with them to improve year-over-year.

Once we find a community we can represent our intention is match them with loyal customers, and then expand as much as possible in terms of volumes and qualities. You can see a roster of our producer partners by country, here. Every season we actively seek out up-and-coming producers and feature new suppliers on our spot menu, here.

What we offer

  • Hustle and a team approach
  • Access to unique coffees from unconventional origins
  • Quick and competent support from ops down to in-country sourcing staff
  • Opportunities to connect with your suppliers and get as hands-on as you’d like in your sourcing
  • Discounts and early access to special lots when booking early
  • Coffees worth caring about

What we ask for

  • Timely feedback on samples so that we can shared with producers 
  • Openness to a long-term relationship with a producer
  • Good communication, especially earlier in the harvest
  • Spread the word and share the suppliers’ stories
  • Utilize us as part of your team


How do I get started working with Crop to Cup?

1- Request samples from our current offerings. Don’t forget to give us feedback on them, too!

2- Get in touch with a rep who can answer questions and secure bags for you.

3- Sign up to get our weekly email with updated offer sheets and news from our lab!


Can I order less than a full bag?

Yes! You can order directly from our sister-site Showroom Coffee. Convenient pack sizes of 2lb, 10lb, 33lb and/or 66lb are ready to ship! www.showroomcoffee.com is an e-commerce site, meaning that you can order directly to your home.

This site, www.croptocup.com, is for quoting commercial roasters who plan to purchase full bag minimums.

Why work with Crop to Cup?
  1.  We are on your team. Coffees are flat-priced, cost-plus, meaning our incentives are aligned with yours. It doesn’t stop with finding a coffee you care about. After you onboard a coffee, it’s our job to help you get the most out of your decision to buy more intentionally. 
  2. These are YOUR suppliers, we are facilitators. The future of coffee is being built around more direct relationships. We invite you to be as hands-on as you’d like to be. We will be there alongside you. It’s also understood that you have a lot going on! When you are too busy, we’ll still be there to maintain the relationships and momentum with producers year-round. 
  3. We are independent and value relationships over just about anything else. Our independence allows us to stay true to these relationships and be selective in how we grow. In the end, this means that we don’t cut corners with customers or producers. 
How transparent are your supply chains?

Transparency is a must for us. It is what you need if you want to put premiums where they belong and have a coffee that is repeatable. Sustainability in coffee is a wide-ranging issue. For us, providing year-over-year, long-term business to producers is perhaps most important.

All supply-chains are transparent to the point of being traceable and repeatable.

Coffees with 2+ years relationships behind them receive an informational audit. Look for ‘Partner Since’ and ‘Traceable To’ in Producing Partners. This indicates the how long we’ve been working with a group and the number of contributing farmers. There’s always more context that what fits on a website. We operate as an open book–available to help you find more information upon request. Coffee can get complicated, and context always matters.

What is contracting? When am I committed to a coffee?

A contract is a commitment made by a roaster to purchase a number of bags at an agreed-upon price, over a defined period of time. This is how you reserve a coffee before it arrives and access pre-arrival pricing. It is also how you secure spot volume to draw upon over a number of months. Contracts are managed by sales reps. Contact your rep or fill out the form below to learn more.

Signing a contract commits you to doing business with us. However, it’s not until you cup and approve a landed sample that you finally approve a contract. The exception to this is for custom imports, where we ask for approval based on PSS, and if there is any quality loss in transit, we will work alongside you to seek a solution. 

If your roasting business currently buys only spot coffees you are leaving money on the table and losing access to some of the best coffees we offer. Learn more about Pricing and Contracting.

What is carry, and how can I avoid it?

Carry is the combination of storage and financing charges that we add to your monthly contract price. It is usually 3c/lb which are essentially our costs to store your coffee for the duration of your contract.

How can you avoid carry? Place your orders with your rep well before the end of every month, so the coffees ship out of the warehouse before the last business day of the month. 

If you have coffees on contract with us, keep an eye out for a position report, which is sent out near the end of each month as a reminder to order ASAP avoid carry. 

Another way to avoid carry is to provide your own financing and/or storage. Pulling bags into your possession may be cheaper than paying the 3c / month carry fee. 

Still, 3c / month is usually a good rate for keeping coffee off your books. It’s a service to help manage cash flow and storage space. Carry only becomes cumbersome when it adds up.

Talk to your rep and plan ahead to make sure you are getting fresh coffees seasonally. For year-round staples, consider forward contracting – the amount you save by doing so can offset the cost of longer carry. Learn more about Pricing and Contracting.

Everyone hates paying carry – including us. 

What are your payment terms? Can I pay by Credit Card?

We offer a variety of payment terms. For qualified customers, we offer Net 15 or Net 30 payment terms after a successful track record has been established. We may ask for references and/or hold an active credit card on file to qualify a customer. We require full payment prior to release for customers unable to qualify.  All orders outside the US and Canada are also subject to full payment prior to release.

While bank ACH is our preferred method of customer payment, we welcome credit card payments and offer a variety of options to aid your cash flow*:

Pay by card on date of invoice or within a week = no fee US / 1% international

Pay by card after a week but within payment terms = 1% US / 2% international

Paying any overdue balance by card = 3% / 4% international

We apologize for the high rates on international card charges (including Canada), but this is due to fees charged to us by our bank’s card processor.  Thankfully, you have other payment options to avoid the fees, including mailed USD checks, bank wire or international ACH.

*Certain sales (i.e. highly discounted beans or custom pricing) may not be eligible for payment by card or we may ask for a 3% fee to cover card charging costs. 

What are my shipping options and cost?

Most orders over 1 bag ship via LTL trucking from the warehouse. Orders of just one or two bags may ship via UPS Ground.

Pallets are wrapped and strapped, and as standard can fit up to 10 full bags; any more risks tipping. 

Orders received by 12:30pm EST usually ship out next business day.  

After receiving an order we will research the best shipping option across multiple carriers. This considers speed, reliability and price for each route. If you would like delivery ad-ons (such as liftgate or call-ahead scheduling), please let us know and we will include these in the quote. Prices for these services are charged at-cost, but differ by carrier. 

We confirm details and final cost with you before shipping.   

Extra services, distance and weight of shipment all impact the cost of shipping, but here are some general guidelines: 

  • A pallet of 3-5 bags might run $150-$300 depending on distance within the United States and Canada. A pallet of 10 bags might run $200-$450 depending on distance. 
  • Add-ons like liftgate, residential, or call-ahead can run $35-$50 each depending on the carrier.
  • Full bags shipping via UPS Ground run $75-$100 per bag depending on distance.

Again – we will always check pricing and quality across a wide range of services and carriers to ensure our customers an affordable, reliable shipping experience. 

Samples are shipped via USPS Priority Mail at our cost. You should expect 2-3 day samples shipping to most locations in the US.  Please let us know if you require expedited shipping.

What happens if there’s a problem during shipping?

We’ve got your back.  As soon as we hear of any problems with your shipment we’ll contact the carrier to see what’s going on and update you.  We ask our customers to document any potential issues (including photos and notations made on the driver’s delivery slip which is ideally signed by the driver). It’s important to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can determine what went wrong and ensure you get the product you need.  In case of product damage or loss we’ll always work with you to make it right.

I've sourced my own coffee from a producer or exporter. Can you help import this for me?

Yes, we are happy to put our team to help you bring in your dream beans. Most efficient is to finance the import for you (we buy off the exporter), and deliver it to your roastery door or to a 3rd party warehouse where you can draw down over time.*

If requested we are happy to help assess pre-shipment and arrival samples in our lab, providing you with a detailed cupping and green grading analysis.**


Per Lot Booking Fee: $175.00 


FOB/export price: negotiated by the buyer


Per lb import / finance***:

  • Asia / Pacific:  $0.45
  • Africa & Brazil & Peru  $0.43
  • Americas $0.40 (excl. Brazil & Peru)

+2c for coffees over $4/lb, or +4c for coffees over $6/lb

(if choosing to ship from import warehouse over multiple orders) Warehouse Release fee of $40 per Delivery Order after the first DO (first DO is free)

Note: Monthly carry per pound: 1.25% of final price  per month, minimum 4.25c/month/lb

* These rates assume full containers, or joining an existing container we already have moving. If less than a full container additional fees may apply.  

**Crop to Cup will retain samples to perform QC analysis of pre-ship vs arrival (and will forward samples to roaster), however Crop to Cup carries no quality responsibility. Any quality claims or rejections are the responsibility of the roaster.

***Rates subject to change depending on shipping industry rate fluctuations at the time of booking, and depending on final destination warheouse.   

Where can I learn more about Crop to Cup and how you run your business?

Please visit our Company FAQ page for a heavier read, including high level detail on our Sourcing and Quality Standards, Pricing and Philosophy.

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